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Quality and Reference

What makes us outstanding on the market:


Our goal is to create an atmosphere in which our customers and students have the opportunity to enjoy thoughtfulness, attention, and the advantages of fluent communication. In the first place, personal communication and prompt administration enhance our institution as opposed to our competitors.


We conform to individual needs regarding time management and course material as well in order to achieve the language competency goal defined by our customer. Our teachers are available at any time during our extension courses. Permanent contact is a key element in changing rapidly and taking special learning needs into consideration.


We have been dealing with educational activity for 15 years exclusively in the field of company courses. Therefore, we realise several possibilities and difficulties of language teaching for companies. It is a vital factor in selecting our teachers that they meet the requirements of company courses and can adjust to the possible changes of time, places and individual needs.

Quality guarantee

We have had individually developed accredited English language programmes since 2006. Our school became accredited in 2008 therefore our courses can be charged to the vocational training contribution. Our accreditation and the classification of MSZ: EN ISO 9001:2001 ensure a guaranteed quality and permanent control for our educational and other services.

Special teaching approach.

Our teachers work together with their students effectively due to their experience and personal pedagogical strengths. Nowadays a teacher is not only an instructor but a coach and a trainer, who works together with the student in order to achieve the success maximally during the language learning process.

Our List of References

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