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Language Teaching

Dialog Language School has been dealing with educational activity in the field of company language teaching since 1994. We offer general and business programmes in foreign languages, primarily in English, in German, and in Hungarian; exclusively for company customers. At present, we hold 1700 language classes on average in a month for our 10 company customers. We provide accredited, high-level, tailored general and business language courses for corporations, large organizations (English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Hungarian as a second language). We provide free diagnostic tests and free educational coaching before starting the course.

Language teaching process

We prepare for our courses and carry out them according to a carefully planned process, which helps us to administrate the courses and control their efficiency with ease. Preparation

  • Needs analysis
  • Diagnostic test and educational coaching

Education organization

  • Group and time arrangement
  • Preparing individual curriculum for groups


  • Carrying out the course according to the curriculum administered with the help of course diary and attendance lists
  • Evaluation during the lessons and in form of module tests

Closure of the course

  • After 60 lessons exit test or mock language examination
  • Measuring students’ satisfaction
  • Evaluation of students and feedback
  • Providing our customer with data


The goal of our course is to provide students with both theoretical and practical knowledge, which enables them to communicate fluently in speaking and correctly in writing in case of general topics at basic, intermediate, and advanced level. Students can join the programme at any level. Having assessed the diagnostic test, the student or the group starts learning the language from that level.


The four basic skills: development of reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

  • Reading comprehension of coherent, authentic written texts
  • Listening comprehension of everyday texts in general topics
  • Oral communication in general topics and everyday situations
  • Written communication with regard to the differences between formal and informal style

Consciousness of language and culture, orientation in everyday situations. Development of communication competencies. Development of general learning skills, which enables students to maintain and deepen their knowledge, and acquire another foreign language.


The goal of the program is to develop those students who have already gained some foreign language knowledge and widen their knowledge with elements applied in the given segment of business life. We are specialised in teaching business, financial, HR, and IT. We usually recommend the introduction of vocational programmes from B1 level though we start programmes at lower levels as well. It is vital that students gain practical language knowledge they can use successfully in any situations; in achieving any type of task in their workplace that requires foreign language knowledge. Our courses ensure an exact and efficient opportunity of foreign language vocational communication.

Typical AbilitiesListening and SpeakingReading and Writing
Overall general abilityCAN ask for factual information and understand the answer.CAN understand the general meaning of non-routine letters.
Social & TouristCAN take and pass on most messages during a normal working day.CAN understand the general meaning of a report even if the topic isn't predictable.
WorkCAN express own opinion, and present arguments to a limited extent.CAN write a simple report of a factual nature and begin to evaluate, advise, etc.
StudyCAN give a simple, prepared presentation on a familiar topic.CAN write a non-routine letter where this is restricted to matters of fact.


Short term modulesGeneral language to intermediate levelAdvanced general language, for special purposes
HUF 4,200 / hourHUF 3,700 – 3,900 / hourHUF 4,050 – 4,400 / hour
HUF 35,000 / 8 hours--

The prices do not include the 27% VAT. When our clients avail our training services, they can enter the course fee to the vocational education contribution credit. [:img:1:small:left:]Would you like a price offer? Write to us or call us on +36 20 359-67-97 or +36 30 325-45-58 phone numbers.

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